Meet Rose: Our newest castaway! Rose is an Idaho native and taking on the Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. blog. Join this “blog-venture” and get to know more about our company, clothing, artists, and an array of other topics Rose runs into on this journey!

So Rose, first things first: Are you a more of a Ginger or a Mary Ann?

Funny story, I actually created our quiz thinking I walked the line between the two and maybe bordered more on the Mary Ann side, but every time I take it (and trust me, I’ve taken it many times) I’m Ginger! And it actually makes perfect sense. I grew up on a farm and could probably fair pretty well in a zombie apocalypse, but I’d prefer to do it in sequins or a romper fashioned from curtains. Ginger was a real MacGyver. And we both work in theater!

When not creating quizzes, what is it you’re doing?

For the most part, I stay quite busy with my job at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival where I manage the education department. We have a lot of wonderful programs I’m lucky to be a part of – I love live theater and concerts. Outside of work I try to spend time with family, start and often stop craft projects, and occasionally adventure out of town camping or on a road trip. I also dog-sit A LOT as a way to get my frequently-needed animal fix!

Since you’re pretty busy how do you like to stay active?

Honest fact: I’m not remotely hand-eye-coordinated. My only saving grace is my love for skiing. I don’t get to go as often as I like, but make the most of it when I can. I am already looking forward to the winter, just for the sake of getting my skis out (and cue my excitement for our upcoming Fall/Winter line…)! Off the slopes, I’ve also found a real appreciation for yoga – regular and hot. It kicks my booty each and every time, and I’m usually sweating before the class gets underway, but I always come away with a clearer mind and greater appreciation for it (especially considering halfway through I’m usually convinced I’ll slip on my sweat and take out the poor soul next to me).

Some of my favorite things in Stanley, ID.

Some of my favorite things in Stanley, ID.

Any fave Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. pieces yet?

I am a big fan of the Amplify MILA  tulip skort (below)! With work I am often on the move – from company meetings to searching for props around town or moving things around a theater – and this is something I can wear through whatever the day needs. Not to mention, do you ever have that minor problem with some skirts: You want to look like a lady but sometimes forget to sit like one… Yeah, me neither… But I do know the tulip skort ensures I don’t have to worry about showing my coworkers/innocent strangers more than they bargain for! I am also really digging our new headbands made by Artisans for Hope. We have an awesome partnership with this organization, which I’m looking forward to sharing in an upcoming post!

Mila Tulip Skort in Amplify colorway

This feature is everything! And no, definitely not my abs.

What are you looking forward to most for this new blog-venture?

SO many things! I was immediately excited to start sharing what I’ll learn about how a local company is able to develop and share their fun and innovative designs. I think it’s risky but incredibly important for companies to move their production close to home, and I’m really excited to explore all the different ways Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. really delivers on this, alongside the benefits this brings to all of our wonderful #WomenWhoMove! There are many different facets to not only what makes Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. so interesting, but also to women’s activewear, sustainability in our products, and how these things really benefit our lives. I’m so excited to share this upcoming journey and welcome any (positive or not-horribly-negative) feedback!

Let’s do this!


Bonus Round: Deserted island. 3 items. What are they? 

Easy. A hat, a machete, and a book.