At Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. you can expect the unexpected


We work as a team to brainstorm solutions, and turn those solutions into a practical garment. Not everyone is comfortable leaving the gym in skin tight yoga pants or work out gear. We aim to fill the gap between working out and normal daily activities by providing women with a comfortable, high performance, stylish garment they can throw on before or after working out. Each of our garments addresses a specific need we’ve either experienced firsthand or heard about from our mothers, sisters, friends. Do you wish your garment had a certain feature? Let us know and we’ll start brainstorming!
Our goal is to bridge the gap between activewear and fashion; to help you transition from one activity to the next, with color, style and functionality, whether you’re a Ginger or a Mary Ann–or a little bit of both.

Our clothing is entirely manufactured in the USA, using artists from coast to coast; wearable art made in the USA. We try to source and produce in the Northwest whenever possible and support local artists who create custom prints for our clothing. All of Ginger and Mary Ann’s designs feature artist-created graphics that you won’t see anywhere else. We use state of the art technology to apply the graphics to high quality fabrics–so that they will never fade or run.

We also work to build sustainable partnerships with companies that are doing good work in the world, such as RUJA bags HERE on their site–whose proceeds benefit orphaned children in Africa. All proceeds of the sales of the RUJA bags go directly to RUJA. To purchase RUJA bags from Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co go HERE.

Get to know the Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. graphics and art designers from Sector Seventeen Productions.


Meet the crew at Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. We are a handful of creative individuals living in the Pacific Northwest, home of the most active population in the United States. We love the outdoors and are committed to living a healthy lifestyle. We use high quality technical fabrics and are devoted to the quality and fit of our garments because we want your Ginger & Mary Ann  Clothing Co. apparel to go where you go–from mountaintop to coffee shop!

Mary K. Denton / CEO
Skier, backpacker, lawyer, mom, gardener, and traveler, the list of diverse interests and activities that motivate this woman goes on and on. Is it any surprise that Mary K has created an apparel brand for women on the move, both literally, and figuratively? Driven by the unavailability of classy, smart clothing for women transitioning from office/school/work settings to an active life with sports, kids, and all things healthy and energetic, Mary K created Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. with a very intentional nod to those two dynamic iconic women stranded on a desert island; Ginger, the exotic epitome of class and glamour, and Mary Ann, the classic quintessential ingenue.

Drew Lorona / Marketing
A native Boisean, Drew is deeply rooted in his community. He appreciates what a unique place Boise is: a city big enough to provide enough of what you’d want in terms of 21st century amenities, but small enough that people still smile at each other and address you by your first name. Drew’s undergraduate degree is in physics, and he has his masters in Business Administration–both serious fields of study, which he balances out by remaining playful–through video and board games, watching cartoons and the stars, outdoor activities and adventure.

hawk scaled
Hawk Sahlein / Artist
Hawk is 3rd generation Boisean! He graduated from Boise High School and attended college in British Columbia, but is primarily a self-taught artist. He is inspired by nature, people and the feeling of progress. He loves living in Boise–the perfect big/small town. He loves challenges when it comes to his art–the most frustrating projects are the most rewarding in the end. This wisdom earns him the title of: The Professor.

Collin Pfeifer / Artist
Collin was born in Newport Beach, CA (raised in Boise, ID). He had some college schooling with an emphasis on visual arts through Boise State University. He draws inspiration from people who do their thing regardless of what others say. As far as artists go Hieronymous Bosch, Picasso, Dali, Asesr, Saber, Smug1, Mr.Dheo, and Blank1 are his major influences. His favorite thing about Boise is the city’s evolving art scene–seeing people progress and fine tune their styles is definitely something he fancies. His favorite thing to paint is a blend between graffiti and portraiture. His character alter ego? The storm that put the characters on the island.

Ali Denny / Designer
Ali was born and raised in Portland and knew she wanted to pursue a career in fashion design in high school. She went to Oregon State University and studied Apparel Design, Merchandising and Business. Her favorite thing about Portland is the up-and-coming fashion scene and street fashion. She loves exploring the Northwest through hiking, camping, and anything involving water. Ali gets her inspiration from trend forecasting websites and fashion magazines and loves to take current trends and put her spin on them. Her alter-ego is a mix of Mary Ann and Ginger.

Kolby Deagle / Designer
Originally from American Falls, ID, Kolby now lives in Boise and is a Sophomore at Boise State University studying art education. Inspired by fashions of the 1950’s, he loves to create extravagant gowns, but also finds satisfaction in solving practical problems in designs. His inventiveness paired with his impeccable style is what won him first place in Boise Art Museum’s fashion contest in 2013 when he was just 18 years old. His island alter ego is Gilligan, with a side of Ginger.

Lily Ma / Designer
Lily Ma is a 2013 graduate of Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and a minor in both Merchandising Management and Business and Entrepreneurship. She was born and raised in Nampa Idaho and is currently living and working Portland Oregon. Her designs are driven by fun form and functionality. Much of her inspiration came from the struggles of the seven stranded castaways of the tiny shipwrecked “SS Minnow”. She infused their playful determination and unconventional problem solving into her designs. Her garments are made to adjust to the unique shape and personality of the wearer. They are made to fit the sleek sexiness of a “Ginger” personality or display the sweet playfulness of the “Mary Ann” in all of us.

Olivia Echols / Designer
Originally from Corvallis, Oregon, Olivia grew up sewing, which led her to pursue Apparel Design at Oregon State University. She drives inspiration from classic femininity mixed with playful, colorful aesthetics. While interning at Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co, Olivia’s favorite thing was biking the greenbelt along the Boise river. These days, Olivia’s main hobby includes exploring her new city of Portland, and adding to her ever-expanding shoe closet!

Tyler Lorona / Customer Service
Tyler is the man behind the scenes here at Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co., managing our warehouse and making sure that our inventory is organized and customer service orders are filled timely and accurately. Tyler enjoys life in Boise with ski days, football and family. Tyler was attracted to the fun and creative atmosphere of this entrepreneurial start up company.

Jim Stidham / Web Developer & IT
Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Jim is a graduate of Arizona State University who now hangs his hat in Boise. He loves vintage everything and gets his inspiration from rare and unique items. While not restoring classic trucks and watching his boys play baseball, Jim is enjoying the open landscape of Boise. His alter ego? The professor.