2210, 2015

RUJA Backpacks: Living the Dream

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 “RUJA” – Ateso word from Uganda meaning “dream”

By now you know some of the key values that make up Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co.: locally-sourced, quality construction, effortless and functional style, and a love for our surroundings. It makes sense then to work with other organizations who have those same qualities. […]

909, 2015

Artisans For Hope: Local Outsourcing Success

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I’m back! Man, do I love Labor Day weekend. Okay, to be honest, I mostly just love having Mondays off… But really, having such a busy summer really helped me to appreciate this Labor Day more than any other. My work is something that keeps me incredibly busy and requires a lot of extra commitments, and too often […]

1808, 2015

A New Castaway: Meet our Blogger!

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Meet Rose: Our newest castaway! Rose is an Idaho native and taking on the Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. blog. Join this “blog-venture” and get to know more about our company, clothing, artists, and an array of other topics Rose runs into on this journey!

So Rose, first things first: Are you […]

2907, 2015

So, Ginger or Mary Ann?

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Ginger & Mary Ann

The classic “Ginger or Mary Ann” question has been asked for decades in everything from psychology papers to dating profiles – mostly debating the virtues of each woman, pitting one against the other, and generally leaving the impression that there is a […]

1005, 2015

Behind the Seams with Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co.

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It may seem like every girl’s dream to grow up to be a fashion designer.  A life of glitz and glam, high fashion, couture.  However, that wasn’t necessarily the vision of Mary Denton, founder of Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co..  A beautiful and well educated lawyer with a desire to fill a void in […]

1604, 2015

Artist ‘MasPaz’ Helps Us Create Beautiful Wearable Art

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There is no greater talent than finding beauty in the ordinary. From the genuineness of a stranger’s smile, to witnessing the first spring bloom sprout from the ground, these wonders are a-plenty.  But do we see them?   Our Spring /Summer 2015  guest artist, Frederico Frum, does. Meet MasPaz (Frederico Frum), a native of Colombia, currently […]

103, 2015

Stripping Down For a Great Cause

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“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”–Mother Teresa>

No one can put it more eloquently than the most admirable ‘woman on the move’, Mother Teresa. Support of community and giving back is a root that runs deep for Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. . Giving can […]

2201, 2015

Women Who Move: Announcing Keely Chanteloup

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In our search for the nation’s most active, healthy, and inspirational women, Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. again decided to stay close to our Boise home when selecting the second ambassador for our newly launched “Women Who Move” program.

After all, the roots of our own City of Trees have grown into a burgeoning community with outdoor recreation opportunities galore, […]

1512, 2014

Lisa Brady Named Ginger & Mary Ann’s First “Women Who Move” Ambassador

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In conjunction with our product launch, Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. is proud to initiate our “Women Who Move” campaign, telling stories of active, healthy women who inspire others—whether it be by their talent, grit, intelligence; or with their professional accomplishments, philanthropic efforts, exploration, or activism.

These stories will be featured here on the Ginger & […]

312, 2014

4 Lessons in Fashion: Dispatch from San Francisco

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In our ongoing commitment to stay on the leading edge of fashion: technical fabrics, printing technologies, and of course, style and comfort, the Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. team often ventures out to various trade shows and expos to conduct research and get inspired for our upcoming lines.

We spent the weekend in sunny San Francisco, […]