In our ongoing commitment to stay on the leading edge of fashion: technical fabrics, printing technologies, and of course, style and comfort, the Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. team often ventures out to various trade shows and expos to conduct research and get inspired for our upcoming lines.

We spent the weekend in sunny San Francisco, learning about what’s happening in the world of fashion at the dg expo.* We got to touch and feel some of the most amazing fabrics in the world, but more importantly, we learned some valuable lessons, and received great feedback about our product.

1. Made in the USA is where it’s at.

Manufacturing clothing overseas definitely has its advantages, but it’s inspiring to see so many new domestic factories popping up and embracing a new wave of independent clothing companies. It creates jobs, reduces the carbon footprint, and ultimately connects people more intimately to the products that they buy.

Made in the USA is a trend that is only going to grow, and we are happy to be on the forefront of that movement.

2. Smart, savvy shoppers understand value.

Value: the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

In a seminar about fabric dyeing and printing, we heard the following wonderful bit of wisdom from the president of PeopleWearSF, Gail Baugh: “Your customer needs to understand the value of small-run, limited-edition, artist-designed clothing.”

We were tickled when we heard this because it rang so true: our customers DO understand the value of our pieces—from the highest quality fabrics and the USA-made label to the artist-designed graphics that you won’t see anywhere else.

dg expo, san francisco, fashion

Wholesale fabric vendors at the dg expo

3. Technology is changing at lightning speed, and that’s a good thing.

Well, it’s a good thing if you are in a position to embrace it.

A lot of older, more established brands are unable to utilize new technologies because they have so much invested in old, outdated systems. With a brand like ours where innovation is king, we are in a unique position to embrace new technology when it comes to printing, sewing and materials—and push the limits of what has long been considered “the way things are done.”

This allows us to create really exciting new products that far exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of functionality and style. A very good thing, indeed.

4. Color is the new black.

As you probably know, our line is all about color and pattern. What you might not know is that wearing bright colors can actually help boost your energy and your mood! Studies show that when women who normally wear black and other neutrals shift to a brighter palette, huge shifts occur. What we learned at this conference is that color is elegant and—once again—we are pretty excited that we already knew that.

All in all, our San Francisco trip was a huge success—and we’re excited to show you what we’ve got up our sleeves for Spring!


*dg expo features a two-day Textile and Trimmings exhibit for designers, small manufacturers (producing apparel, accessories, home furnishings, and other sewn products), private label retailers, fabric stores, wholesale suppliers, etc.

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