Ginger & Mary Ann

The classic “Ginger or Mary Ann” question has been asked for decades in everything from psychology papers to dating profiles – mostly debating the virtues of each woman, pitting one against the other, and generally leaving the impression that there is a “wrong” or “right” answer.

Well, I don’t know about your other sportswear brands, but at Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. we know today’s woman doesn’t fit just one mold. We celebrate the individuality of every woman – whether she’s a silver screen actress or a farm girl from Kansas – and that concept shines through in our clothing. It’s versatile, stylish, and unique – just like our customers!

Having so many fabulous options though can bring about one dilemma: decision-making. If you’re anything like this writer and tend to let the appreciation of great things get in the way of choosing said great-thing, we’ve simplified things for you! Find out whether your natural style tends to lean more toward Ginger or Mary Ann (or maybe a bit of both!), and then have a peak at the suggested Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. pieces that suit your result!

Do you agree with your result? Have any other great Ginger & Mary Ann Clothing Co. suggestions?